Boston Bunny Hop - Live Stream

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My home studio using Facebook Live

Since I know I am really going to miss going to the Annual Bunny Hop Pub Crawl this year, I decided I am going to host my own Bunny Hop Live Stream and since the actual Bunny Hop is an international event, I am calling mine, Boston Bunny Hop Live Stream. I will be wearing bunny ears for my whole show, and I am encouraging everyone to wear your own ears, take selfies and post them on the feed on my page while I am live streaming. To represent Boston, I will be playing all songs from bands from Boston, like The Cars, J Geils Band, Aerosmith and Scott Damgaard. To imply the effect of being on an actual pub crawl, I plan to place a drink in different rooms in my house and go from room to room. If you like, you can join me by doing the same thing in your own home! Let's get hoppin'!